My subscription to GFantasy

Hello guys!

For those that are true fans of Mahouka koukou no Rettousei, I hate to break it to you guys…. but after this month’s(November) issue, I am no longer subscribing to GFantasy. Instead, I will be nitpicking by months. Initially I did it for Kuroshitsuji, but I realized that I haven’t had the time to even read it anymore. Not only is it expensive as a whole, but it’s also taking up a lot of space in my storage room. These magazines are thick comparing to most magazines I own. SO, if you want to read ahead, I suggest you buying your own copy of magazine(or subscribe)… OR you can just wait until they compile it into a volume(since it’s serialized)!!

For Mahouka koukou Fans:

On the bright side, you can also read it via Chinese sites… so it’s not like you’re out of resources!


I need to stop…

I went to Kinokuniya with the intentions for store pick-up and in the end I bought more than what I intended to. This ALWAYS happens when I visit in store. Am I the only one that does this?! Anyways, I’m back from my “trip” and still in the midst of re-organizing my room. It’s a HUGE mess right now because I came back with a LOT of  luggages.

Let me just rant a bit…

So my trip wasn’t really a trip. With tourism in my mind, I actually thought of going around to sightsee and have actual FUN. Nope, I didn’t… I went back for depressing events that I don’t very hold dear to me. I’m already distressed from reality on the other side of the Earth(U.S.A) and now it’s going to continue along with my journey. Nobody gave a shit about me, so why should I care? Well.. it’s because they’re family. For the last time… I am NOT a punching bag NOR am I a middle-man. If anyone has a problem, they should always direct it to the one involved!! Now, you might be confused as why I’m complaining, but this is all started when my grandfather died right in the middle of my “vacation”. I’m not one to blame on the dead, but his prolonged death has caused my family to not leave me alone. Unfortunately I can’t type out the details, but all I can say is… what a f***ing waste of my time.

Even as of now I’m very sensitive when it comes to this “topic” because I legit wasted my 3 weeks of planned stress relief. I’m so done and anguished, but once again… I can’t do sh**t about it because it already happened and still happening… whatever.



Haihai guys, Shin here! ヾ(^ω^*)

I just want to pop by and say that I’m on a hiatus starting November 6th since I’m going to travel around Japan, Hong Kong, and China. This trip was planned a long time ago, but it was finally decided that now was the time to fulfill that. With that said, I’ll have to fill in with magazine updates~ Continue reading “Updates~”