Scanlation Vocab

Here will be a list of terms or slang we usually use as a scanlator! If you know more, let me know and i’ll add it right in.

TL Translate
PR Proofread
CL Clean
TS Typeset
RAWs Japanese, Chinese, Korean original manga/manhua/manhwa
QC Quality Check
PS Photoshop
Denoise Topaz Denoise (Photoshop plug-in)
DL Download Link
PM Private Message
T/N Translator’s Note
SFX Sound Effects
Double Spread Two pages merged into one page
PSD file extension: Photoshop Document
#px # pixels
Grayscale .psd files should be in grayscale mode
Collab(oration) two or more groups working together on a manga series
Oneshots A manga title that is only one chapter long
Admin Administrator
Release Publicizing a finished chapter

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