Scanlation 101

What is/are Scanlation(s)?

The word ‘Scanlation’ is a portmanteau or a compound of ‘scans’ and ‘translation’. As literal as it means, one scans and translate the scans. This is part of a ground in the fan-based community.

How is this ‘Scanlation’ done?

I’m positive everyone knows and sees that there are many groups out there. Why is that? Very simple… every group has a different target for projects(manga title), genre, and goal. In a scanlation group, there are a few definitive positions that comprises the process of a scanlation. Basically, here are the basic steps:

  1. To start it off, acquire raws by self-scanning or find it online
  2. [SKIP if you find it online] Edit self-scans by straightening and resize pages
  3. Translate the text
  4. Have the translated text proofread by another peer
  5. While it’s being translated, have the pages cleaned and re-drawn
  6. After obtaining the proofread text and cleaned pages, start typesetting
  7. Once the typesetting is done, review what’s done and save the pages into .PNG or .JPEG format
  8. Compile all the pages into one .zip/.rar file and release it to the public

What are the positions?

 Positions  Task
 Scanner  Acquire RAWS and scan every page possible
 Translator  Translate the foreign language into English (this also includes sound effects)
 Proofreader  Make various grammar and spell check
 Cleaner  Remove all foreign text and beautify the page as needed
 Re-drawer  Like what it sounds, redraw. This can be done by the cleaner as well
 Typesetter  Paste the translation onto the cleaned pages
 Quality Checker  Review everything as a whole and look for any mistakes possible

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