Gakuen Babysitters Drama CD (Volume 16 Special Edition)

More babies to kill you! Here’s the Drama CD of Gakuen Babysitters (学園ベビーシッターズ) from the Volume 16 Special Edition. I finally finished binge watching the anime and recalled about this Drama CD that I had never posted!  (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

Gakuen Babysitters Drama CD

Who doesn’t love cute babies learning right from wrong? Here’s the Drama CD of Gakuen Babysitters (学園ベビーシッターズ). Right now it’s currently airing the Anime, so remember to watch it! 

My subscription to GFantasy

Hello guys! For those that are true fans of Mahouka koukou no Rettousei, I hate to break it to you guys…. but after this month’s(November) issue, I am no longer subscribing to GFantasy. Instead, I will be nitpicking by months. Initially I did it for Kuroshitsuji, but I realized that I haven’t had the time…